Before Putting Your RV Into Covered Storage, Take These Actions

RV travel may be over for the season, and you might have already decided to aput your vehicle into a coverage storage facility. Covered storage is great for protecting the RV from snow, sun and other weather issues, but you need to do some more prep before leaving your vehicle anywhere. These actions will enable you to drive right away once you're ready. 1-Check for Problems After long winters you won't want to take your RV out of covered storage just to take it to a mechanic.

How To Pack A Crystal Chandelier For Moving

Your crystal chandelier is an elegant and expensive part of your home's décor. Moving a chandelier may sound intimidating, but you can't bare to part with it, especially if it's a gift or heirloom. Don't let intimidation stop you from taking your beloved chandelier with you. Follow these guidelines for packing a crystal chandelier. Prepare to Pack the Chandelier To pack the chandelier, gather: step-ladder screwdriver marker thick towel tissue paper or newspaper bubble wrap foam padding plastic ties plastic freezer bags packing tape packing peanuts sturdy boxes assistant (optional) Shut off the power to the room from the breaker box to prevent shock when you remove the chandelier.