Personal Storage Unit Misconceptions You Shouldn't Believe

If you have more belongings than you can keep at home, you may consider renting a personal storage unit. These units can accommodate many items, including furniture, winter clothing, camping equipment, electronics, and sports gear. Once you keep the extra stuff in storage, your home will feel comfier and function better.

Unfortunately, most people don't consider this storage solution because they are ill-informed or don't know much about personal storage. This post will debunk some misconceptions so you can feel at ease renting the units whenever you need additional space for your belongings.

Units Aren't Burglar Proof

One primary concern anyone may have before keeping items in a personal storage unit is safety. The common myth skeptics spread is that stuff won't be secure. This isn't true.

Storage facilities are more secure than most people think. Service providers understand that their tenants are keeping valuable items, and as such, they prioritize security. Some standard security features include the installation of surveillance cameras, computer-controlled access terminals, and locks. The security personnel also oversee the gates to ensure intruders don't idle around.

Personal Storage Units Are Expensive

Although personal storage may seem like a luxury to many, the service is affordable. These units are designed for all, regardless of their status or monetary wealth. The expenses you incur will be reasonable, and many facilities offer discounted rates or affordable solutions for customers on a tight budget.

Also, you will need to consider the features of the unit you need, its location, and size because these factors determine the costs. A bigger unit or one that's climate-controlled will cost you more. The objective is to choose the ideal unit for your stuff and ensure they fit perfectly.

Anything Is Kept in a Storage Unit

Some movies have given people the idea that they can keep anything in the storage unit, but that's not true. While it's true one can keep various items in storage, some things shouldn't be stored. For instance, perishables such as dried foods, pet food, and beverages are prohibited because they can attract pests. Other unauthorized items include insects, plants, toxic waste, fuel, acids, paints, and oil.

It's Possible to Sleep in the Unit

This is a bizarre misconception you may come across. Those who rent a unit aren't allowed to sleep or stay there. Storage facilities are for keeping items and not to accommodate people. The units keep out water, dust, and light from damaging the items, so they aren't an ideal living space.

For more information on storage units, contact a professional near you.