Plan A Long Distance Delivery When You Won't Be At The Location

The idea behind a long-distance move seems straightforward, except when it's not. Someone moving from New York to Los Angeles may hire a moving company to deliver their belongings to a new apartment. Usually, the moving company provides a timeframe for the delivery. When the client realizes things happen along the way, expecting to wait an additional two or three days seems understandable. What happens when the client must leave the country for business before the movers arrive? How does the client coordinate the delivery with the long-distance company? Logical preplanning could address a few concerns and contribute to a smooth move.

The Plan of Action

Don't leave anything to chance. Instead, coordinate with all the involved parties to make sure instructions get carried out in your absence. Avoid telling long-distance movers to drop something off at an address when you're not there, as it might prove disastrous. Assuming the landlord will unlock the door without prior instructions might be another weak idea. And relying entirely on the landlord or office manager might not be sufficient.

Landlord Policies and Hiring a Representative

The managers of the apartment complex could allow the movers to access to the apartment. The complex's policies, however, may limit the role that the apartment managers play. A manager may open the door, but don't expect them to coordinate the delivery. Therefore, it might be advisable to work with a property management or general contracting company capable of sending someone to oversee the delivery. This way, any items that require special care receive it. Relying on friends or acquaintances to handle such tasks might not be advisable. Professional services tend to be more reliable, and they may have backup personnel available.

Delivering to a Storage Unit

Moving things into a storage unit might be a workable option. Often, the unit becomes yours on the same day you complete the paperwork and pay the fee. The long-distance moving company could put everything right into the storage unit. Once again, effective coordination and preplanning improve the chances of everything running smoothly. The storage representative could hand over the keys and make sure they are returned once the moving company finishes the job.

Packing for an Absence

When delivering an apartment full of belongings and leaving things unattended for some time, careful packing may be necessary. Moving companies often provide packing services. Perhaps the team may use more durable boxes or ones that decrease the chances of identifying contents. Such extra steps may be helpful under these unique circumstances.