Starting College? How Long Distance Moving Services Can Help

More than 19 million students enrolled in American universities and colleges in 2018, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). While some of these young adults live at home, many move into dorms or off-campus apartments. If you're an incoming college student, take a look at how long distance moving services can help you.

Lighten the Load

A cross-country or inter-state move isn't easy on your own. If your college travels include you, your car, and nothing else, you need help. Unless you plan to seriously downsize or wait until you get to college to buy storage shelves, bins, clothing, and everything else you'll need, it isn't likely your car can handle the to-move load.

A professional mover can expertly pack a larger vehicle and bring these items to you. This allows you to drive yourself (or have mom and dad drive you), without the worry of an over-packed car.

Air Travel Helper

Will you fly to college? If your school is too far to comfortably drive, you will have limited space on the plane to take your belongings. This means you may only travel with a carry-on bag and a suitcase or two.

When your out-of-the-area college plans take you not the air, you need a mover to transport everything from furniture to kitchen essentials to school.

Expert Help

Is this your first major move? As a novice mover you may not know how to pack a truck, transport your belongings, or safely get everything from point A to point B without the risk of serious damage. The mover can efficiently load your belongings, organize them, and transport everything for you. This saves you time, money, and the headaches associated with moving (especially for the first time).

Safety First

No one wants to start the school year off with a strained back or sprained ankle. A long-distance move comes with plenty of opportunities to accidentally injure yourself. From how you lift and carry boxes to the way you load the vehicle, you need help to reduce the safety risks. A professional has the expertise and experience to move you into your new college home without adding a serious injury to the mix.

Long distance moving services can help you to make the most of the college transition. You won't need to worry about how full your car is, whether you can realistically travel by plane, or if you'll injure yourself mid-move. Instead, the mover can handle the heavy lifting and give you time to prep for the start of school.