How To Pack A Crystal Chandelier For Moving

Your crystal chandelier is an elegant and expensive part of your home's décor. Moving a chandelier may sound intimidating, but you can't bare to part with it, especially if it's a gift or heirloom. Don't let intimidation stop you from taking your beloved chandelier with you. Follow these guidelines for packing a crystal chandelier.

Prepare to Pack the Chandelier

To pack the chandelier, gather:

  • step-ladder
  • screwdriver
  • marker
  • thick towel
  • tissue paper or newspaper
  • bubble wrap
  • foam padding
  • plastic ties
  • plastic freezer bags
  • packing tape
  • packing peanuts
  • sturdy boxes
  • assistant (optional)

Shut off the power to the room from the breaker box to prevent shock when you remove the chandelier. If possible, purchase boxes especially from movers or home centers made for chandeliers that have bars at the top to support chandeliers. Don't stack other boxes on top of the chandelier box.

Pack the Chandelier Parts and Hardware

Spread a towel over a flat work surface, and set a ladder, so you can easily view the chandelier base. Look for the metal hook that protrudes from the ceiling, rotate it left to loosen the chandelier, and carefully pull the wires from the ceiling. 

Unhook the caps or wire nuts from the wires to disconnect them. Have an assistant to help support the chandelier from another ladder, if it is heavy. Lay the chandelier gently on the towel, and untangle wires.

Lay two foam pads at the bottom of each box. Unscrew the light bulbs, wrap them in newspaper or tissue, and store them in a box by themselves. If any bulbs are damaged or not working, discard them.

Unhook the crystals, wrap them individually in newspaper or tissue paper, attach tape, then store them in another box. Detach all other parts, the hardware and store them in the same manner. Add a layer of bubble wrap over the newspaper or tissue paper. Place another piece of foam on top of the parts, and secure the box with packing tape.

Place the hardware in a plastic bag, mark them, and place them in the boxes with corresponding parts. Bundle cords, and wrap ties around them. Avoid wrapping them with tape, or it will make the wires sticky.

Pack the Chandelier

Wrap the chandelier with newspaper in small sections; ensuring you cover the arms completely. Secure the paper with tape, then wrap it in several layers of bubble wrap.

Insert two pieces of foam at the bottom of the box, and set the chandelier in the box. Stuff the box sides with packing peanuts until the chandelier won't move. Add another piece of foam on top, then tape the box. For more help, contact a residential moving service.