Preparing To Move? Tips For Packing Up Your Bathroom

If you have had plenty of notice prior to a move, you may have attempted to use up your toiletries before the move. But, if you haven't managed to or are moving on short notice, you may want to pack your half used lotions, shampoos and make-up up so they don't go to waste. However, you don't want them to break apart or leak out in the box either. Here are a few tips that you should follow when you are packing up your toiletries during a move.

Place a Cotton Ball or Pad in Powdered Cosmetics

Makeup can be pricey. As such, when you are moving, you want to ensure that your powdered cosmetics, such as pressed powder foundation and eye shadow, don't crack or break apart during transport. Fortunately, there is a simple way to protect these cosmetics during your move. Prior to boxing the makeup up, stick a cotton ball or cotton pad over the top of the makeup and then place the lid back on. The cotton pad provides an extra layer of protection, helping to prevent it from breaking apart.

Cover the Opening of Lotions and Shampoo With Plastic Wrap

If you have half used bottles of shampoo, conditioner or lotions that you are going to be taking with you on your move, you will want to do what you can to ensure you don't wind up with a leak. If any of these items leak, you could have a big mess and/or a soggy box that falls apart. One of the fastest and easiest ways to seal your bottles up again is to cover the tops with plastic wrap. Cut the plastic wrap into an appropriately sized square based on the size of your bottle and press it firmly over the top of your bottle. Then put the lid back on, ensuring it is completely tightened. Take the sides of the saran wrap that are hanging low and tie them in a knot over the top of the bottle. This helps to hold the lid shut. For even more protection, place these bottles in quart or gallon-sized zipper bags.

Also, when you pack these items, make sure to pack them upright. A common mistake people make is placing bottles of shampoo and lotion on their side. This increases the chances of liquid leaking out. Keep them upright to prevent a possible mess.

Properly Pack Your Hair Accessories

If you are female, or have female children, your bathroom likely has many different types of hair accessories. This may include ponytail holders, bows and bobby pins. When you are preparing to move, you don't want to just throw all of the hair accessories into a box. It can be a pain when you have to unpack and some accessories can become damaged. As such, you want to take proper care when packing these items. To start with, place your plain hair accessories in a zippered sandwich bag. This may include regular ponytail holders and bobby pins. If desired, you can separate different hair accessories in different bags. Next, cut out strands of ribbon that are about the length of a shoe box. Clip any hair accessories that are not flat onto this ribbon. This may include hair bows or jeweled barrettes. Lay your bags of hair accessories in a shoe box, or similar sized plastic box. Then lay the bow-filled ribbon on top of the bags. If you have multiple ribbons, use tissue paper or newspaper between the layers of the bows to prevent any snagging. Lastly, place any headbands or larger accessories on the top of the box.

Fill Open Space in the Boxes with Towels

Towels are a wonderful item to use when packing. Not only do they allow you to make sure the bottom and top of a box are padded, but you can use them to wrap items in and help fill up spaces in the boxes. Towels will minimize the movement of your toiletries and soak up any spills that may occur. They are also easy to wash if a spill does happen. This will protect the items you are moving, while also making the most of the space you have in the box.

Bathrooms can be tricky to pack up. You may have items that can break, leak or get lost during a move. Learning how to properly pack up your bathroom will help prevent spills from opened lotions, prevent your makeup from becoming damaged, help keep your hair accessories in one place and help you maximize the amount of space in your moving boxes.

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