Moving? Reduce Stress And Increase Convenience For The Whole Family

Relocating to a new home is typically an exciting process for the whole family, as it promises the adventure of new experiences, interesting challenges, and lifestyle opportunities. But along with the excitement tends to come some stress – adults might worry about finances and the logistics of moving, kids may face feelings of separation anxiety due to leaving friends and familiar surroundings, and even your pets are likely to experience anxiety and stress throughout all the moving commotion. To make your move less stressful and more convenient for the whole family, consider implementing one or more of the following tips and tricks:

Get Some Collapsible Pet Crates

An effective way to keep your pets safe and calm while getting ready for the movers is to keep them in collapsible crates during chaotic times at home. Giving your pets a safe place to relax while you're working will help ensure that they don't run away, get lost, or accidentally hurt themselves or a mover while things are being moved.

You can keep the crates under a bed or couch, or in a closet when they aren't in use, then simply unfold them and secure their latches when you want to use them. When in use, put the crates in a quiet room or large closet where the door can be closed off from all the action of moving throughout the rest of the house. Place a familiar blanket or bed, toys, and food dishes in the crate to give your pets a feeling of security while they're crated.

Ask Your Movers to Work in Sessions

If your movers will be packing all of your boxes for you before your move, ask them to get the job done in a multiple sessions a day or two apart from one another during the week leading up to your move. This should help to minimize unnecessary commotion on moving day as well as give you an opportunity to organize everything so it's easy to manage during the move and unpack at your new destination. For instance, you'll have a chance to color code boxes room by room as they are packed by your movers so they're easily identifiable while being handled during the move, which would be a time consuming task if all your home's belongings are packed at the same time and within one day.

You can color code your boxes by using permanent markers or stickers to mark them. Mark your kitchen boxes with yellow stickers, your living room boxes with brown markers, and bedroom boxes with blue labels. And the kids and pets will have a chance to get used to all the commotion of moving, therefore becoming more prepared for the adventure, if your movers break up their packing work into two or three different sessions.

Visit the New Neighborhood Beforehand

The humans and animals alike in your family can benefit from a visit to your new neighborhood before the actual move takes place. If it's possible, take the time to explore your new neighborhood together once or twice during the weeks leading up to your move. Take the kids to lunch at their new schools so they can get to know the kids and teachers a little before their first official day.

Spend a morning in the park with the pets and get to know others in the area who are pet and family oriented. Take a walk around the block of your new home so the adults can get to know some neighbors and the family can get familiar with their new surroundings. It's also a good idea to visit local health clinics, kids' clubs, entertainment facilities, and any other locations you'll be using on a regular basis after your move. This process should help everyone in the family feel comfortable and safe with their new surroundings once settled into your new home.

With the help of these tips and tricks, your family is sure to enjoy the adventure of moving without a lot of stress and anxiety to contend with throughout the process. For more tips, contact a company like Modern Movers, Inc.